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Rubik's Turtle

The Adventures of Rubik's Turtle

Artists: Jinghan Xia and Dougal Davis

The Adventures of Rubik's Turtle speak of a journey from orphan to hero, of battles with polyhedra and staplers of doom. Follow his adventure as he attempts to defend Rubikskind from the forces of evil!

Download The Adventures of Rubik's Turtle:

Knot Man

Knot Man

Artists: Daniel Mathews and Priscilla Brown

Theodore J. Knott is (k)not just your average caffeine dependent postgraduate student. Indeed, armed with a mouthful of high energy toroidal donuts, and his Topological Utitlity Belt, Theodore J. Knott becomes Knot Man, ready to take on any emergency.

Knot Man features an all-star cast, including Professor Lickorish of Cambridge University, Keanu Reeves, and the evil physicist, Dr Unununu. If you've always wondered why R.M.I.T. looks as it does, or what really happened in the Matrix, then you can go no further than Knot Man.

Download Knot Man:

  • Issue 1 (333kB pdf)
    From Paradox Issue 2, 2002
  • Issue 2 (340kB pdf)
    From Paradox Issue 3, 2002
  • Issue 3 (425kB pdf)
    From Paradox Issue 1, 2003
  • Issue 4 (currently unavailable)
    From Paradox Issue 1, 2004
Paradox Kid

Paradox Kid

Artists: Jeremy Glick and Sally Miller

P.K., born through the fourth dimension when a Dehn Surgeon transformed his mother's womb into a Klein Bottle, is just an everyday maths student...until he dons his super visor and becomes Paradox Kid.

Paradox Kid uses the strange mathematical powers bestowed upon him by his unusual birth to rescue his fellow students from Perturbed Bayshun the insane psychotic physics student (Issue 1, 1999), the masked invigilator (Issue 2, 1999), and even the visible radiation emitted by the iMacs in the student computer lab (Issue 1, 2000).

Paradox Kid appears in: