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Welcome to the MUMS resources page! There's lots of free material out there -- websites, books, software, tutorials -- that are beneficial to maths students. We have tried to collect a small, high-quality set of resources that will hopefully prove to be useful and interesting.

To help you find what you're looking for, we have divided up our resources into a number of separate pages. Each is described below.

If you have any links to contribute or suggestions to make, please contact the website maintainer with your contribution.

Software Resources

This page contains information about downloading, installing, and running some open-source software that we consider useful for maths students. At present much of the information is windows-specific.

Academic Links

This page contains links to online mathematical references and some good online textbooks. It also has links to someother useful resources within the University of Melbourne.

General Links

This page contains links to recreational maths-related material. Here you'll find links to societies similar to MUMS, mathematics competitions, history of mathematics, and more.