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Academic Links

This page contains links to online mathematical references, portals to the world of online journals and preprints, and some good online textbooks.

General mathematical references

  • MathWorld is "the web's [self-proclaimed] most extensive mathematics resource" hosted by Wolfram Research, the makers of Mathematica. It is a mathematical encyclopedia containing precise articles about almost any piece of mathematics you are likely to come across in your studies.
  • MathSearch is a mathematical search engine that searches over 200,000 documents on English-language mathematics and statistics servers across the web.

Mathematical journals and preprints

  • The University of Melbourne's Find Information page has an "Electronic Resources" search, that includes a large number of online journals. Through this site (and using your library barcode), you can access many journal articles online.
  • arXiv is a freely accessible archive of e-prints in physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science, and quantitative biology.
  • MathSciNet has reviews of most mathematical papers, books, and conference proceedings. It is a subscription-only service but can be accessed via the University of Melbourne's Mathematics and Statistics resources site.

Mathematical Tools

  • The Integrator is an online symbolic integration tool powered by Mathematica. Never let a nasty integral get in your way again!

Online textbooks

A good way to get your head around difficult maths is to read what lots of different people have written about it. These are just a few of the good books that are freely available online.
  • Abstract Algebra: The Basic Graduate Year is a readable algebra text with exercises and solutions. The first 6 chapters cover almost all of the material in 620-321 Algebra.
  • Introduction to Probability is an introductory probability text that covers almost exactly (but in a somewhat different order) the material in 620-201 Probability.
  • The Calculus Bible is a careful introduction to one-variable differentiation and integration and sequences and series. It is ideal for students of 620-121/141 and 620-123/143 who don't believe anything without proof (and anyone else looking for more exercises).
  • generatingfunctionology is the book on generating functions. It is aimed at advanced undergraduate/honours level.