Nicholas Witte: Personal Home Page

Title: Research Fellow

Address: Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia.

Phone: +61 (03) 834 41798

Room: G02, MASCOS


Group: Statistical Mechanics & Combinatorics

Research Interests:

- 42C05 orthogonal functions and polynomials, general theory,
- 33C45 orthogonal polynomials and functions of hypergeometric type,
- 30E05, 44A60 moment problems,
- 30B70 continued fractions,
- 65R10, 65R20 integral transforms and integral equations,
- 35Q15 Riemann-Hilbert problems,
- 34E05, 35C20 asymptotic expansions,
- 34A34 nonlinear differential equations and systems, general,
- 34A05 explicit solutions of differential equations and reductions,
Integrable Systems
- 34M55 Painlevé and other special equations, classification, hierarchies, and isomonodromic deformation,
- 33E17 Painlevé-type functions,
- 58F07 completely integrable systems,
- 05A15 exact enumeration problems, generating functions,
- 05E10 Tableaux, representations of the symmetric group,
- 05E15 symmetric functions,
Probability Theory
- 60E05 distributions, general theory,
- 60E10 characteristic functions,
- 60F05 central limit and other weak theorems,
- 15A52 random matrices,
- 60K35 Interacting random processes; statistical mechanics type models,
- 82C22 interacting particle systems,
Mathematical Physics
- 81T25 quantum field theory on lattices,
- 82B10 quantum equilibrium statistical mechanics,
- 82B23 exactly solvable models,
- 82B26, 82B27 phase transitions and critical phenomena
Spectral Theory
- 47A75, 58F19 eigenvalue and spectral problems,
- 47A10 spectrum, resolvent,
- 81U40 inverse scattering problems,
Representation Theory
- 20F55 Reflection and Coxeter groups,

Mathematical Papers: Reverse chronological list of pdf files.


2003 620-007 AMSI Random Matrix Theory.

2003 620-113 Continued Fractions.

2007 620-113 Explorations in Number Theory.

AMSI/CoE Workshop August 2004 Integrable Systems, Rigorous Asymptotics and Applications.

MASCOS/AMSI Workshop 8 August 2005 Integrable Day 2005.