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Tharatorn Supasiti

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Melbourne,
Parkville Victoria 3010, Australia

Tharatorn Supasiti

About Me

I am a PhD student at the University of Melbourne studying with Dr Lawrence Reeves.

My research is in geometric group theory. In particular, I am interest in group splitting. The main question is when does a group splits as a free amalgamation over some subgroups or HNN extension. This question is mostly answered by Dunwoody, Scott, and the other. However, one can also ask: under what condition does a free amalgamation over some subgroups retains an interested group property? For example, Bestvina-Feighn concluded that the free amalgamation over subgroup of two hyperbolic groups is hyperbolic if it has "no long annuli". At the moment, I am looking at applying these ideas to Haken n-manifold as defined by Foozwell.

When I am not thinking about maths, you might find me reading, climbing, caving (rarely now) and running.

Office: Room 209, Richard Berry Building, the University of Melbourne.


  • University of of Melbourne , May 2009- present
    1. Ph.D. in Mathematics, in progress.
    2. Supervisor: Prof. J. Hyam Rubinstein, Dr Lawrence Reeves
    3. Title: Boundaries and decompositions in group theory and topology
  • University of of Melbourne , 2003 - 2008
    1. B. Science (Honours)/ B. Engineering (Chemical) (Honours). Majors: Mathematics
    2. Supervisor: Dr Stephan Tillmann
    3. Thesis title: Tree for SL(2,C((t)))


Thai, English


  • University of of Melbourne , Mar 2009- present
    1. Semester 2 2011: Tutor in 620 155 Calculus 2
    2. Semester 1 2011: Tutor in 620 154 Calculus 1
    3. Semester 1 2010: Tutor in 620 156 Linear Algebra
  • Australian Mathematics Trust , 2008- present
    1. Casual exam marker
  • University of of Melbourne , Aug 2008- Nov 2008
    1. Tutor in 411 336 Process Dynamics and Control
    2. Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


  • 2009- present
    1. Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship
    2. Science Faculty Scholarship
  • 2008
    1. Department Scholarship (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • 2006
    1. Melbourne Abroad Scholarship
  • 2004
    1. College Scholarship: Archie Seymour Gates Scholarship
    2. Dean's Honours List
  • 2003
    1. Dean's Honours List

Related Activities

  • 2 July 2010
    1. Organiser of 2010 Victorian Mathematics and Statistics Students' Conference VMSSC, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (with Stephen Mc Ateer)
  • May - June 2010
    1. Organiser of Friday PhD student talks
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