Christian Haesemeyer

School of Mathematics and Statistics  

University of Melbourne, VIC 3010, Australia

phone: +61383449289

email: christian DOT haesemeyer AT unimelb DOT edu DOT au


Research Interests: Algebraic K-theory and motivic cohomology, in particular the algebraic K-theory of singular schemes and semi-topological K-theory; motivic homotopy theory.

Teaching: Semester 2, 2015: MAST 90056, Riemann Surfaces and Complex Analysis. Course website.

Publications and Preprints

The K-theory of toric varieties in positive characteristic. Joint with G. Cortiñas, Mark E. Walker and C. Weibel. Preprint 2012. Journal of Topology 7:247-286, 2014. arxiv

The 0-th stable A^1-homotopy sheaf and quadratic zero cycles. Joint with A. Asok. Preprint 2011. arxiv

Toric varieties, monoid schemes, and cdh descent. Joint with G. Cortiñas, Mark E. Walker and C. Weibel. Preprint 2011 To appear in Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik. arxiv

Stable A^1 homotopy and R-equivalence. Joint with A. Asok. JPAA 215 (2011): 2469-2472. arxiv 

K-theory of cones of smooth varieties. Joint with G. Cortiñas, Mark E. Walker and C. Weibel. Journal of Alg. Geom. 22:13-34, 2013. arxiv 

Lipschitz cocycles and Poincare duality. Joint with E. M. Friedlander. In The geometry of algebraic cycles. Proceedings of a conference on Algebraic cycles in Columbus, Ohio. Clay Mathematics Proceedings vol. 9. AMS 2010. pdf

Norm varieties and the Chain lemma (after Markus Rost). Joint with C. Weibel. In Algebraic Topology The Abel Symposium 2007. Abel Symposia 4, Springer 2009. arxiv 

Bass' NK groups and cdh-fibrant Hochschild homology. Joint with G. Cortiñas, M. E. Walker and C. Weibel. Inventiones Math 181 (2010): 421-448. arxiv 

The K-theory of toric varieties. Joint with G. Cortiñas, M. Walker and C. Weibel. Transactions of the AMS 361 (2009), 3325-3341. arxiv 

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Motives and etale motives with finite coefficients. Joint with J. Hornbostel. K-theory 34 No. 3, 2005. 

Descent properties of homotopy K-theory. Duke Mathematical Journal Vol. 125 No. 3, 2004. pdf 

Techniques, computations and conjectures for semi-topological K-theory. Joint with E. Friedlander and M. Walker. Math. Ann. 330, 2004. 

Friends and collaborators 

Aravind Asok

Guillermo Cortiñas

Eric Friedlander.

Jens Hornbostel

Julia Pevtsova

Marco Schlichting

Mark Walker

Chuck Weibel