Educational Interests

Tony Himself

I have meddled in school and university syllabus issues, and more general areas of equity and access. To become familiar with my prejudices, you can click here to read an article which appeared (slightly truncated) in The Age newspaper in late 1997.

I am currently on the Council of the Australian Mathematical Society, and Chair of the Standing Committee on Education. In this capacity I have made a submission to the government enquiry, Higher Education at the Crossroads, June 2002. Submission to the enquiry

I recently stepped down from the position of Honorary Treasurer of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Council, an umbrella organisation for several groups involved in mathematics, statistics and operations research teaching and research.

I am a member of the National Committee for Mathematics of the Australian Academy of Sciences.

Together with my colleague, Assoc. Prof. Nick Wormald, I run a state-wide school mathematics competition. This competition has been going for 30 years. From 1998-2001 it was sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Australiai--more precisely by the Australian Calculator Operation. It is sponsored in 2002 by BHPBilliton, The Department of Mathematics and Statistics of The University of Melbourne, and the Faculty of Science of The University of Melbourne.The competition is of a demanding standard, and is designed to identify and recognise mathematical talent.

From time to time I advise the State Government on the content of mathematics syllabi. This is not to be taken as an endorsement of the product - it is a public service to remove mathematical solecisms.