Curriculum Vitae

Full name:  Joachim Hyam Rubinstein
Preferred: J. Hyam Rubinstein
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia
Fax 61 3 8344 4599, Telephone 61 3 8344 5550
1970-1974 : PhD, University of California at Berkeley, supervised by Professor J. Stallings in 3-dimensional manifolds.

1966-1969 : BSc (Hons), Monash University in Pure Mathematics and Statistics

2005- Chair, National Committee for Mathematical Sciences
2003-2004 Board Member, Australian Mathematical Sciences Inst. (AMSI)
2002-2004 Head, Mathematics and Statistics Department
1993-1995 Treasurer, Australian Math. Society Council
1989-1992 Chairman, Mathematics Department
1990-1992 President of the Australian Math. Society
1988-90, 99-00 Vice President of the Australian Math. Society
1986-88, 97-02 Council of the Australian Math. Society
1986-1988 Deputy Chairman
1982 Professor, Melbourne University.
1982 Senior Lecturer, Melbourne University.
1978-1981 Lecturer, Melbourne University.
1975-1977 University of Melbourne Research Fellow.
1973-1974 Teaching Assistant, Berkeley.
1970 Tutor, Monash.
1968 Research Assistant at Monash.
Visiting Appointments:

Visiting Professor, UCDavis, Winter, Spring 2005 

Visiting Professor, Universite of Paris VI/VII Summer 2002

Visiting Professor, Stanford, Winter, Spring 2000

Visiting Professor, Uni of Calif San Diego, Winter 1997

Lady Davis Fellow, Technion 1992

Research Fellow, University of Warwick, Spring 1990

Research Fellow, University of California at San Diego, Winter 1987

Visiting Professor, Oklahoma State University, Fall 1986, Aug-Sep 1999

Member of the Math. Sciences Research Institute Berkeley, Fall 1984, Winter 1995, Winter 1996, Summer 2001

Member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Fall, 1982, Winter 1990

Supervision of Research:

Current PhD students :   L. Bartolini, B. Foozwell, C. Goddard

Current MSc student, S. Ramanayake, ( with C. Hodgson)

PhD students : P. Leviton (Ricci flow), T. Cole (shortest networks), A Skinner (3-manifolds), J. Paterson (3-manifolds), J. McKenzie (4-manifolds), R. Rannard (joint with J. Hillman, 3-manifolds), M. Simon (joint with K. Ecker, mean curvature flow), B. Burton (3-manifolds), K. Prendergast ( joint with D. Thomas, J. Weng) shortest networks, J. Coffey ( 3-manifolds)

MSc students : C. Gardiner, I. Aitchison, C. Hodgson, W. Vannini, Y. Lim, P. Walford, O. Dearicott, J. He

MSc preliminary students : V. Duchovni, A. Scharaschkin, N, Wickramasekara,

19 fourth year projects (including one Rhodes scholarship winner)

Hannan medal of the Australian Academy of Sciences 2004

Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences, 2003

Invited speaker, Joint meeting of Aust and American Math Society 1999

Frontiers of Science Lecture Series, Texas A &M University 1999

Conference Board of Math Sciences - series of 10 lectures, Uni of Calif Davis 1996

Invited speaker, International Congress of Mathematicians, Zurich 1994

Research Medal of the Australian Mathematical Society - 1987

UC graduate fellowships, IBM fellowship - 1972-74.

Fulbright travelling scholarship - 1970

BHP medal at matriculation, four exhibitions, Monash residence scholarship - 1965

Conference Organisation:

2006 Organiser, International conference on topology - Manifolds at Melbourne

2003 Joint organiser, International conference on algebra, geometry and topology at Australian National University

2002 Program committee for Topology section of International congress of mathematicians, Beijing.

1999 Iain Aitchison and I organised a workshop on low dimensional topology at Melbourne. Deputy Director of the first joint meeting of the Aust and American Math Societies, 1999. Bus Jaco and I organised a special session of talks on low dimensional topology at this meeting.

1998 Klaus Ecker and I organised a workshop on flows and diffeomorphisms of 3-manifolds at Monash University.

1996 Iain Aitchison and I organised a workshop on decision problems and normal surfaces at the Centre for Math Analysis at Canberra.

1992 Klaus Ecker and I organised a workshop on geometry and PDE at Melbourne.

1991 director of the annual conference of the Australian Maths Society at Melbourne.

1988 organised a geometry and topology conference at the University of Melbourne.

Arranged the geometry week at the Summer Research Institute of the Australian Mathematical Society in Hobart in 1981, Melbourne in 1982 and Canberra in 1983.

1980 Joan Birman and I organised a special session of talks on non-Haken 3-manifolds at the annual Amer Math Soc meeting.

Editorial Activities:
Editorial board, Asian Journal of Maths. 1997-

Convenor, tertiary mathematics advisory group 1992

Guest editor, Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society 1992

Associate editor, Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 1979-

Associate editor, Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, 1978- 1990


 National Strategic Review of Mathematical Sciences, Chair of Working Group 2006
School of Mathematical Sciences, Sydney  University 2003

School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University 2002

Departments of mathematics, statistics and computer science, Auckland University, 1998.

School of Mathematical Sciences, Sydney University 1995

Curtin Centre for Science Education, 1994

Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, Adelaide 1992

Mathematics Department at Monash 1991

External Examiner, University of Newcastle, 1988

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