Aihua Xia

School of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of Melbourne
Vic 3010, Australia.
Phone: +61-3-8344 4247
Fax: +61-3-8344 4599

My name

The given name is pronounced as "eihwa:" ("Ai"="a" in abc, "h"="h" in hurry, "u" ="w" in "wait", while the final "a" is approximately equal to "ah" as in blah). My surname can be roughly pronounced as shar, shark without k.

Research interests

Selected publications

Recent Grants

  • ARC Discovery Project Grant for 2015--2017 (jointly with A Barbour, P Pollett, N Ross, M Luczak, G Reinert, A Roellin, E Pekoz), project title: Random Discrete Structures: Approximations and Applications.
  • ARC Discovery Project Grant for 2012--2014 (jointly with K Borovkov, A Barbour, P Pollett, A Novikov, M Luczak, G Reinert), project title: Random Network Models with Applications in Biology.
  • NHMRC Project Grant for 2012 (jointly with W Wen, M Wright and Y He), project title: Genetic and environmental determinants of brain networks in ageing.
  • Teaching Responsibilities for 2018

    MAST20004 Probability.

    Academic vitae

    The Melbourne-Peking forum 25/08/2015 -- 28/08/2015

  • An introduction of Peking University.
  • Applied Mathematics at Peking University.
  • Pure Mathematics at Peking University.
  • Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR).
  • Statistics at Peking University.
  • Probability at Peking University.
  • Discrete Mathematics at Peking University.
  • Some useful links

    ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems ; The International Statistical Institute ; Statistical Job Announcements in Australia and New Zealand; The Probability Web; American Mathematical Society.

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