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Information on research interests and professional activities:-

Research interests
I am interested in both theoretical and experimental aspects of a range of areas, though I have to rely on collaborators to actually carry out any experiments.

Topics that I am interested in...

Soft and granular matter interaction
Electromagnetics and integral equation approach
Hydrodynamics of thin films
Leidenfrost effect and drag reduction
Dynamics interactions of drops and bubbles
Colloidal and surface forces
Polymer and polyelectrolyte conformation
Diffusion in colloidal cystems
Solvent effects in colloidal interactions
Methods of measuring surface forces
Optical properties of crystalline lenses
Particulate properties and colloidal stability
Structure and dynamics of concentrated colloidal dispersions
Interfacial continuum mechanics
Flow and fracture in porous random media
Knowledge transfer
Interfacial continuum mechanics
Colloid and surface science
Statistical mechanics of fluids
Phase behaviour of coulombic systems

Members of the Interfacial Continuum Mechanics Group, one of the main research groups in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics work closely with each other.

We are one of three departments that form the Particulate Fluids Processing Centre (PFPC) which has been designated as a Special Research Centre and receives block grant support from the Australian Research Council. We have collaborative links with colleagues in universities and research institutes in the US, UK, Singapore, Sweden, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and India.

Research students in the PFPC enjoy joint supervision from staff from member departments and are encouraged and supported to spend time during their candidature to work in laboratories of our collaborators overseas.

World ranking
To those who care about such statistics, there is a ranked list of the top 10,858 most cited chemists between 1981-1997 in the world and my name can be found at around 4580 from the top.

h-index: 50 (or there abouts according to Google Scholar)

Recent research grants

Australian Research Council - Discovery Projects
Modelling of soft multi-scale systems (2014-2016)
Breaking emulsions (2014-2016)
Theoretical foundations of dynamic surface forces (2011-2013)
Dynamic interactions in soft matter systems (2009-2011)
Spectroscopy of Complex Fluids in Flow (2003-2005)
Static and dynamic forces in colloidal and fluid systems (2002-2004)

Australian Research Council - Special Resarch Centre
Particulate Fluids Processing Centre (2001-2008)

Australian Research Council - Linkage Projects
Australian Mineral Science Research Institute (AMSRI) (2006-2009)

Australian Research Council - Large Grants
Colloidal interactions - many-body effects and phase behaviour (1999-2001)
Direct measurement of surface forces involving deformable particles (1999-2001)
Transport properties of dense dispersions (1995-1997)

Australian Research Council - Small Grants
Bubble stability near surfaces (1999)
Surfaces forces in micellar and polyelectrolyte systems (1998)
Coulombic interactions & phase behaviour in colloidal & polyelectrolyte systems (1997)
The Inverse Problem Associated with the Refractive Index Distribution Profile in Crystalline Lenses (1996)

Membership of professional bodies
Australian Mathematical Society
Australian-New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics Interest Group
Colloid and Surface Science Division, American Chemical Society

Referee for journals
Colloids and Surfaces
Journal of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Journal of Chemical Physics
Journal of Physical Chemistry
Molecular Physics
Physical Review
Transport in Porous Media

Referee for grant applications
Australian Research Council
American Petroleum Research Funds - American Chemical Society
Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter - Physics Research Council, the Netherlands
US National Science Foundation

Reviews and examinations
Member, Review Committee of Co-operative Research Centre for Petroleum Resources
Member, Review Committee of Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Western Australia
External examiner of PhD theses
Member, International Evaluation Committee of Theoretical Chemistry, Swedish Research Council/Vetenskapsrådet

External submissions
Written submission and personal presentation to the committee conducting the 1994 National Review of Mathematical Sciences and the Provision of Advanced Mathematical Services initiated by the Australian Research Council.