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Maths Olympics

The Maths Olympics is a competition that combines mathematical problem solving ability with physical prowess. It is definitely the highlight of the MUMS calendar!

Each year, MUMS runs two such events: the Schools Maths Olympics (SMO), and the University Maths Olympics (UMO). They are similar in style, but vary in difficulty and in who is eligible to compete:

  • The SMO is at a slightly easier standard, and is for high school students only. It is held on the University of Melbourne Open Day. This year, 2018 it will be held at 12pm on Sunday 19th August in the JH Michell Theatre, Peter Hall Building.
  • The UMO is open to all university students and staff, as well as any teams from the SMO who feel up to the challenge.

Both Maths Olympics are held in the JH Mitchell Theatre (formerly Theatre A) in the Peter Hall Building, at the University of Melbourne.

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