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Puzzle Hunt 2004


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Even though the Puzzle Hunt is finished, the questions are still up, and you can still check your answers, so...enjoy! For those who are stuck, a full set of answers and explanations have been posted on the puzzles page.

Entries have now closed for the JUDGES PRIZE. The winning team was "Little Blue". View their winning entry here.

Who Hit Howard?

$200 prize buried under Melbourne University!

John Howard seems to have been vaporised while giving a secret speech at Melbourne University. Who was behind such a dastardly act and why?

What, if anything, does it have to do with grave robberies in marginal electorates, temperature swings and strange nighttime goings on under Melbourne University Private?

Who's the prime suspect? A mysterious cult of hessian wearing bards, Alan Gilbert, a bunch of crazed physicists or someTHING else entirely?

Enter a team in the famous Melbourne University puzzle hunt and find out.. if you dare.

Mr Howard

The Melbourne Uni Puzzle Hunt is open to the public It is a competition that combines lateral thinking and broad general knowledge in a fun week-long event.

Three or four knew puzzles are released each day of the hunt together with hints for previous puzzles. Answers can be submitted at any time before the treasure is found.

Cash prizes are awarded to the team who finishes the hunt first, and to the next two teams with the highest scores.

For further information about the Puzzle Hunt follow the links on the left hand side of this page.