Our campus is on Wurundjeri land, and this has been
a place of learning and innovation for tens of thousands of years.
I acknowledge and respect all ancestral lands of Australia’s First Peoples
and I pay my respects to Elders past, present and future.

Dr. Nora Ganter

Senior Lecturer

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The University of Melbourne

Parkville, Victoria, 3010


Office: Room 169, Peter Hall Building

Phone: +61 3 8344 9711

Email: email address

Research Interests

Elliptic cohomology and its role in representation theory. This program is joint with Arun Ram and brings together previous work of M. Ando, I. Rosu, I. Grojnowski, E. Looijenga, and Ginzburg-Kapranov-Vasserot.

Categorified character theory.

Another interest of mine is still in Moonshine and the Monster. (See also Baby Monsters.)


Research Program


Literature on topological modular forms


Matthew Spong (working towards a PhD)

Heath Winning (Master of Science 2017)

James Richardson (Master of Science, 2014). Thesis: The Homotopy Theory of 2-Groups.

Katie Bowles (Master of Science, 2014, joint supervision with Arun Ram). Thesis: Product Structure of Bott-Samelson Classes of Type G_2.

Robert Usher (Master of Science, 2013). Thesis: Representation and character theory of finite 2-groups.

James R. Jones (Master of Philosophy, 2012). Thesis: Characters of p-compact groups.

Narthana Epa (Honours 2010). Thesis title: Platonic 2-groups.

Undergraduate Seminar


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