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75 D. Y. C. Chan
Chapter in Foundations of Colloid Science (Volume 2) R. J . Hunter (ed)
Clarendon Press, Oxford (1989).

74 B. K. Pierscionek, D.Y.C. Chan
The Refractive Index Gradient of Human Lenses
Optometry and Vision Science 66, 822-829 (1989).

73 D.Y.C. Chan, B.D. Hughes, L. Paterson, C. Sirakoff
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Phys. Rev. A. 38, 4106-4120 (1988).

72 D.Y.C. Chan, B.D. Hughes
Ion Diffusion in a Coulombic Field
J. Stat. Phys. 52, 383-394 (1988). pdf

71 B. K. Pierscionek, D.Y.C. Chan, J.P. Ennis, G. Smith, R.C. Augusteyn
Non-destructive Method of Constructing Three-dimensional Gradient Index Models for Crystalline Lenses:1. Theory and Experiment
Am. J. Optom. Physiol. Optics 65, 481-491 (1988). pdf

70 D.Y.C. Chan, J.P. Ennis, B. K. Pierscionek, G. Smith
Determination and modeling of the 3-D gradient refraction indices in crystalline lenses
Applied Optics 27, 926-931 (1988). pdf

69 D.Y.C. Chan, B.D. Hughes, L. Paterson
Fluid Capacity Distributions of Random Porous Media
Transport in Porous Media 3, 81-94 (1988).

68 D.Y.C. Chan
Ion Diffusion near Charged Surfaces
J. Chem. Soc., Faraday Trans. 2 83, 2271-2286 (1987). pdf

67 D.Y.C. Chan, B.D. Hughes, L. Paterson
Tunable Noise
Nature 325, 489 (1987). pdf

66 D.Y.C. Chan, B.D. Hughes, L.R. White
A Physically Consistent Theory of Fracture in a Brittle Solid
J. Colloid Interface Sci. 115, 240-259 (1987).

65 D.Y.C. Chan, B.D. Hughes, L. Paterson
Fluctuations, viscous fingering and diffusion-limited aggregation
Phys. Rev. A 34, 4079-4082 (1986).

64 D.Y.C. Chan
Free Energies of the Electrical Double Layer at the Oxide-Solution Inteface
ACS Symposium Series, "Geochemical Processes at Mineral Surfaces", J.A. Davis (ed) 323, 99-112 (1986). pdf

63 T. Akesson, B. Jonsson, B. Halle, D.Y.C. Chan
Ion diffusion at charged interfaces. A stochastic dynamics simulation test of the Smoluchowski-Poisson-Boltzmann approximation
Molec Phys 57, 1105-1137 (1986). pdf

62 D.Y.C. Chan, R.G. Horn
The Drainage of Thin Liquid Films between Solid Surfaces
J. Chem. Phys. 83, 5311-5324 (1985). pdf

61 B. Beresford-Smith, D.Y.C. Chan, D.J. Mitchell
The Electrostatic Interaction in Colloidal Systems with Low Added Electrolyte
J Colloid Interface Sci., 105, 216-234 (1985). pdf

60 D.Y.C. Chan, D. Henderson, J. Barojas, A.M. Homola
The Stability of a Colloidal Suspension of Coated Magnetic Particles in an Aqueous Solution
IBM J Res Dev 29, 11-17 (1985).

59 D.Y.C. Chan, D. Henderson
The Orientation Averaged Interaction of a Pair of Magentic Dipolar Spheres in An External Magentic Field
J Colloid Interface Sci., 101, 419-423 (1984).

58 D.Y.C. Chan, B. Halle
Dissociation Kinetics of Secondary-Minimum Flocculated Colloidal Particles
J Colloid Interface Sci., 102, 400-409 (1984). pdf

57 D.Y.C. Chan, B. Halle
The Smoluchowski-Poisson-Boltzmann Description of Ion Diffusion at Charged Interfaces
Biophysics J. 46, 387-407 (1984). pdf

56 D.Y.C. Chan and B.D. Hughes
On a Random Process Interpolating between Markovian and Non-Markovian Random Walks
J. Phys. A Math. Gen. 17, L121-L127 (1984).

55 S.L. Carnie, D.Y.C. Chan
Correlations in Inhomogeneous Coulomb Systems
Molecular Physics 51, 1047-1070 (1984).

54 D.Y.C. Chan, R.M. Pashley, J.P. Quirk
Surface Potentials Derived from Co-ion Exclusion Measurements of Homoionic Montmorillonite and Illite
Clays and Clay Minerals 32, 131-138 (1984).

53 D.Y.C. Chan, L.R. White
On the Existence of Hydrodynamic Fluctuation Forces
Physica 122A, 505-515 (1983).pdf

52 B. Beresford-Smith, D.Y.C. Chan
Electrical Double Layer Interactions in Concentrated Colloidal Systems
Faraday Discussions Chem. Soc. 76, 65-75, (1983). pdf

51 D.Y.C. Chan, D.J. Mitchell
The Free Energy of An Electrical Double Layer
J. Colloid Interface Sci. 95, 193-197 (1983). pdf