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125 D. Y. C. Chan, P. Linse, S. N. Petris
Phase Separation in De-ionised Colloidal Systems: Extended Debye-Huckel Theory
Langmuir 17, 4202-4210 (2001). pdf
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124 D. Y. C. Chan
Density Functional Theory of Colloidal Systems
Phy. Rev E 63, 061806 (2001). pdf
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123 D. Y. C. Chan, R. R. Dagastine, L. R. White
Forces between a Rigid Probe Particle and a Liquid Interface: I The Repulsive Case
J Colloid Interface Science 236, 141-154 (2001). pdf
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122 J. E. Sader, D. Y. C. Chan
Long-Range Electrostatic Attraction between Identically Charged Particles in Confined Geometries and the Poisson-Boltzmann Theory
Langmuir 16, 324-331 (2000). pdf
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121a A. K. Mukherjee, L. B. Bhuiyan, C. W. Outhwaite, D. Y. C. Chan
A Four-Component Model for Small Colloidal Particles in an Aqueous Electrolyte
J. Langmuir 15, 4940-4943 (1999). pdf
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121 J. E. Sader, D. Y. C. Chan
Electrical Double Layer Interaction between Charged Particles near Surfaces and in Confined Geometries
J. Colloid and Interface Science 218, 423-432 (1999). pdf
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120 J. E. Sader, D. Y. C. Chan
Long-range electrostatic attractions between identically-charged particles in Confined Geometries: an unresolved problem
J. Colloid and Interface Science 213, 268-269 (1999). pdf
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119 P.Broadbridge, G.R. Fulford, N. D. Fowkes, D. Y. C. Chan, C.Lassig
Bubbles in Wet, Gummed Wine Labels
SIAM Review 41, 363-372 (1999). pdf
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118 D.Henderson, S. D. Hamann, D. Y. C. Chan
A Simple Theory for the Partial Molar Volumes of a Binary Mixture
Molecular Physics 96, 1145-1149 (1999). pdf
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117 G. Beliakov, D. Y. C. Chan
Analysis of Inhomogeneous Optical Systems by the use of Ray Tracing. Part II - 3D Systems
Applied Optics 37, 5106-5111 (1998). pdf
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116 M.R. Oberholzer, J. M. Stankovich, S. L. Carnie, D. Y. C. Chan, A. M. Lenhoff
2D and 3D Interactions in Random Sequential Adsorption of Charged Particles
J. Colloid Interface Science 194, 138-153 (1997). pdf
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115a R. C. Chatelier, A. M. Hodges, C. J. Drummond, D. Y. C. Chan, H. J. Griesser
Determination of the Intrinsic Acid-Base Dissociation Constant and Site Density of Ionizable Surface Groups by Capillary Rise Measurements
Langmuir 13, 3043-3046 (1997). pdf
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115 C. J. Drummond, D. Y. C. Chan
van der Waals Interactions, Surface Free Energies and Contact Angles: Dispersive Polymers and Liquids
Langmuir 13, 3890-3895 (1997). pdf
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114 S. J. Gason, D. E. Dunstan, T. A. Smith, D. Y. C. Chan, L. R. White, D. V. Boger
Rheo-optical Studies of Polyelectrolyte Solutions
J. Phys. Chem. B 101, 7732-7735 (1997). pdf
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113 A. A. Shugai, S. L. Carnie, D. Y. C. Chan, J. A. Anderson
Electrophoretic Motion of two Spherical Particles with thick Double Layers
J. Colloid Interface Science 191, 357-371 (1997). pdf
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112 G. Beliakov, D. Y. C. Chan
Analysis of Inhomogeneous Optical Systems by the use of Ray Tracing. Part I - Planar Systems
Applied Optics 36, 5303-5305 (1997). pdf
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111 I. Larson, D. Y. C. Chan, C. J. Drummond, F. Grieser
Use of AFM force measurements to monitor citrate displacement by amines on gold in aqueous solution
Langmuir 13, 2429-2431 (1997). pdf
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110 I. Larson, C. J. Drummond, D. Y. C. Chan, F. Grieser
Direct force measurements between Silica and Alumina
Langmuir 13, 2109-2112 (1997). pdf
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109 W. J. C. Holt, D. Y. C. Chan
Pair Interaction between Heterogeneous Plates and Spheres
Langmuir 13, 1577-1586 (1997). pdf
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108 J. E. Sader, J. Gunning, D. Y. C. Chan
Dependence of the Far Field Effective Potential on Surface Inhomogeneities
J. Colloid Interface Science, 182, 516-525 (1996). pdf
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107 G. G. Pereira, W. V. Pinczewski, D. Y. C. Chan, L. Paterson, P. E. Oren
Pore-Scale Network Model for Drainage-Dominated Three-Phase Flow in Porous Media
Transport in Porous Media, 24, 167-201 (1996). pdf
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106 C. J. Drummond, D. Y. C. Chan
Theoretical Analysis of the Soiling of ÒNon-stickÓ Organics Materials
Langmuir, 12, 3356-3359 (1996). pdf
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105 X. Zhang, M. A. Knackstedt, D. Y. C. Chan
On the Universality of Fracture Surface Roughness
Europhysics Letters, 34, 121-126 (1996). pdf
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104 C. J. Drummond, G. Georgaklis, D. Y. C. Chan
Fluorocarbon: Surface Free Energies and van der Waals Interaction
Langmuir, 12, 2617-2621 (1996). pdf
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103 W. J. C. Holt, S. L. Carnie, D. Y. C. Chan
Colloidal Interactions in Low Volume Fraction Pressure Ultrafiltration Systems
J. Colloid Interface Science, 173, 304-318 (1995). pdf
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102 R.C. Chatelier, C. J. Drummond, D. Y. C. Chan, Z. R. Vasic, T. R. Gengenbach, H. J. Grieser
Theory of Contact Angles and the Free Energy of Formation of Ionizable Surfaces: Application to Heptylamine Radio-Frequency Plasma-Deposited Films.
Langmuir,11, 4122-4128 (1995). pdf
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101 A. Murphy, F. Grieser, D. Y. C. Chan, D. N. Furlong, B Matthews
Forster Energy Transfer between Langmuir Blodgett File Layers in Aqueous Solution.
Colloids and Surfaces, 102, 1-19 (1995). pdf
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