A depiction of the losing probability for a 3-player betting game.

    Mark Holmes

    (Room 209, Peter Hall Building)

    School of Mathematics and Statistics

    University of Melbourne

    Vic 1010, Australia

    Phone: +61 3 83441310
    Fax:     +649 3737018  

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Coupled connected clusters of the origin for the 2-dimensional orthant model as p changes from 0 to 1.

The (random) set of vertices that the origin can reach is green.
The set of vertices that can reach the origin is red.
The intersection of the two is blue.

Research interests:
random walks,
random media (e.g. percolation models),
interacting particle systems,
reinforcement models,
measure-valued processes,
and applications of probability.

I am a member of the Probability Research Cluster at U. Melbourne



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Holmes, M.,  and Salisbury, T.S., Speed calculations for random walks in degenerate random environments   (pdf)

A discussion document about the "Sleeping Beauty Problem" pdf

Webpages of some Coauthors/collaborators

Omer Angel Nick Beaton David Brydges Manuel Cabezas Andrea Collevecchio
David Croydon Brian Fralix Alex Fribergh Steven Galbraith Geoffrey Grimmett
Tyler Helmuth Christian Hirsch Remco van der Hofstad Ander Holroyd Antal Jarai
Daniel Kious Victor Kleptsyn Ivan Kojadinovic Alexey Kuznetsov Andreas Löpker
Chuck Newman Ed Perkins Alejandro Ramirez Wioletta Ruszel Akira Sakai
Tom Salisbury Gordon Slade Rongfeng Sun Peter Taylor Ilze Ziedins


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